Spiral is a mysterious term of indeterminate meaning. The Party first encountered the term when Vriskill, upon contact with the shockwave of a mysterious device, heard a voice, giving him a cryptic message:

“Do not stand with the spirals.
They will bring ruin to the cosmos.
Stand against them.”

The term was also mentioned, according to Doctor Kappa, by Morgan Relin. Relin seemed to think the spirals dangerous, and wanted Kappa to join him in their eradication. Kappa, however, turned him down. He claims that he does not know what the term means.

Later, an Emissary of the Stars (known as “Lord of Wind and Shadow”) refers to the party as “Knights of the Spiral”, but clearly does not include Viskill as a Spiral himself. (Indeed, the Emissary seems to expect Viskill to obey his commands; when he doesn’t, the Emissary muses, “Has the Living Gate forgotten its promise?”)

Fey in the service of the Lord of Heather (who are allied with the Emissaries of the Stars) recognize Cerianle’s fighting style as a “Spiral fighting style.” She learned it from her parents, who adapted it from the Lily Knight fighting style of their Feywild home of Tanalil before its revolution.

The associated ritual symbol is a double helix.


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