We take a week off after we liberate the city.

On the first night of our week off an outsider asks to see the shardmind. His name is Ricen. Asked about the period after he woke up. Wants us to find a scholar named Paul L’Amore to find information out about the living gate. Ott turns himself into Paul and throws this guy off telling him that he was hit in the head and forgot everything. It kinda threw us off but we head to Paul’s residence anyway because Ott (now in dwarf form) convinces him to check out the house.

We talk to Paul and he tells us there is a shard of knowledge (part of the gate) in a nearby quarry. He wants us to go with Ricen and excavate it. Apparently it could change the knowledge about the time after the shardminds were formed. We decided to get as much info as we can and then turn down the offer. We aren’t mercs for hire. Ricen decides to go at it on his own even though it almost means his certain death. Dimplefoot follows Ricen to the quarry, Ott tries to get horses and Viskill gets maps of the quarry.

We start going down the path. Ricen is in combat and looks like he is gonna die so we jump in to help him. We kill the enemy and then decide to tie up Ricen as well so he can’t follow us. He doesnt like us because Ott actually attacked him.

We then go into the quarry and have another encounter.

We go into a room that has an obsidian floor and green glass walls. In the center of the room is a pedestal with a green shard. Ott tries to grab it and barbs come out. As he tries to beat the pedestal with his hammer wisps start to appear and attack. Viskill believes they are creatures of thought. The shard calls out to him and he feels a desire to get it.

We kill everything in the room and the shard appears. Ott hands the shard to Viskill because its calling for him. He feels really happy to have it and it disappears into his body like it fit there. He instantly gains knowledge of his past. He remembers his formation from the living gate and that sturges took him into this cave and took this shard from him. He formed the cave and spent somewhere between several decades or centuries stuck in the cave. He also learned more about the green mist. Can learn to understand the green mist better if he can get more shards. Feels like the green mist is part of him. The green mist either gathers around it or produced by the shards (we think the green mist might be around the mountain now that we know the shards produce it).

Eventually we get back to Ricen and Paul and they talk to Viskill and Dimplefoot for a while


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