Note: both mages we’ve fought recently (human in Dragonglass Glade, eladrin in Bristol) had scars on arms. Blood magic is ancient stuff, before modern understandings of magic.

We quiz our captive eladrin knight. He won’t tell us much because Lhudaith forbids it. We quiz the wizard; he lets slip that the stardudes are benefactors who provide a boon. He says they drew on residual memories of location, and shade/haunt power from Shadowfell; the emissary had demanded style changes (all magic requires sacrifice). They had that location for a while. The mage Celevan decides to stay with us, he claims he never liked Lhudaith. But we release the knight to go report back: we tell him to tell his bosses that we don’t know anything about the Spirals, and want to learn how we’re them, and why we’re bad.

Celevan tries to say who the Spirals are, and a burst of magic snaps his neck and kills him. It was a fey enchantment, possibly form Lhudaith. (We leave his body with the knight, along with a note.)

Kappa tells us about his research on the Emissaries. He’s worried, says we have to get some momentum, liberate a town in the next 1-2 weeks. We should first go find the enchanter Barzon in the Singing Mountain to the north. (He claims he was trained by legendary wizard Rowan, but that may be a lie.) Local news: Mordek sleeping poorly, mumbling in sleep, as if trying to remember his name. He’s been crafting, engraving. Kappa gives us a bag to “open when it’s ready”, we force him to say what it is, and it’s gold. We also get a map.
2 days’ journey. Only 8 big stars left. We learn that Dimplefoot can shapeshift into animals. Second morning, a foul silver-green fog comes in, congeals into orcs and wolf: blank eyes, gem in forehead, nothing we’ve heard of. When they go down, their bodies melt in silver-green flame. After, Dimplefoot dresses weird.

We get to the mountain. Some people hear a hum from Singing Mountain; it’s a place of magic, used back in the days of blood magic. They say spiritually in-tune people can hear its singing? (Everyone but Ceri.) Mountain is not divine-associated, but sacred to some druidic stuff. As we ascend, a bright flash of light: we next notice ourselves on a pillar. Stairs behind us, ledge across- hard to tell how far. One by one we jump into mist, land safely: everyone makes it fine. There’s a flash, and we teleport back to the trail’s stone stairs.

Another flash: sandy arena, white dragon. It’s angry. We control it brutally, Viskill gets the killing blow. Then, back to mountain. Next flash: we’re standing on a table in a goblins’ house. Dimplefoot gets aggressive because he he hates goblins; Ceri drags him outside while the others talk. Viskill and Lionel learn that the goblins are sometimes attacked by elf/dwarf people looking to claim they land. We see a village outside, goblins and orcs; learn that it’s centuries old. We go to mayor, sign a fake peace treaty. Ceri senses magic to the north. We go that way, see encampment of humans/elves/dwarves. We try to talk to the captain, and convince him to make a tax/protection deal instead of war he shuts us down with his goblin-hating. We try to travel to see his superior, and fail the test: darkness, sickness.


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