Battle winds down. We discuss captives: we take a few whom we (Billy) think we can convert, and leave the rest tied up. A few of the guards have brain seizures and die, and a few more start attacking each other: mostly from among the ones whom we thought couldn’t turn. A few slaves too: less bruised ones. Alien magics upon them.

A few wounded people/slaves die, but not many. Most guards convert to us, but not all. Some have to leave, worried about families back in the city; we get their info for future contact, and let them go. They say that in the city is like in the glade: stuff being built, secret forces removing voices.

3-4 days after battle, a scout brings in a wandering dude who was looking for the VRL. “Chuck,” from the small town Bristol SW of Twinfates: claims that it’s free, fought off the stardudes. He tries to inspire people to come live more comfortably, but his approach is skeezy. A few refugees want to go, but we convince most of them to wait. We catch up to those guys midway, and tie them up to delay them a few hours.

Bristol. Things look normal, at the perimeter and inside. Dimple gets a bad feeling about the place, like something bad might happen and overwhelm the people here. Ceri finds a weave of fey magic in the city. Local Eladrin mage mentions a spell of protection. We talk to a scout leader, and he doesn’t know about Chuck!

We hang around for the feast. Dimplefoot tells stories about elf growing up in cave; Ceri tells stories about how awesome Twinfates was. Ceri and Viskill keep an eye on the magic, Dimplefoot quizzes a wanderer (named JD).

At some point, doors kicked down, and in comes a robed hobgoblin with a crocodile and rats. “Tie your crocodile up outside!” JD says the hobgoblins are thugs called Beastmen; he wants us to go take out their base. We try to question the hobgoblin, the building starts to burn, battle outside. We eventually let the hobgoblin go.

JD leads us towards hobgoblin lair… but en route, he makes a snide comment about “everything on this world” being stupid, talks about “stupid creatures that think they’re secret, but everyone knows where they’re hiding”; reveals his true form: an Emissary of the Stars. Silver skin, golden horns, humanoid with elongated limbs and fangs, graceful. He flies away, buildings move to enclose us. He calls us “knights of the spiral”, expects Viskill to obey his commands. “Has the Living Gate forgotten his promise?” He describes himself as the “Lord of Wind and Shadow.” Leaves us to his minions: two scale-dude Starspawn Brutes, one insectile thing: Starspawn Reaver.

We win. The fey web seems to have drawn in with the clustered buildings. We climb atop a building. There’s nothing (blackness) beyond town: fey web has grown walled. There’s a shimmering light atop a building: concentrated fey magic. We climb down to the street, and try to navigate through trippy cursed town.

Entrance to a church, temple to Melora. At the top, a bunch of fey. Obviously not locals, they claim to be from “Twinefates.” They say that Viskill is “not a spiral.” They get suspicious to see Ceri’s fighting style; we try to keep bluffing them, but we don’t have the codeword. Very close fight. The knight claims that Ceri is using a Spiral fighting style. Items: chainmail *2, longsword *2, shortsword *2, leather, quiver (25), cloth, quarterstaff, light shield. Insignia of the summer court, and Tanalil’s usurper Lhudaith. The stone doesn’t react to our starmetal. We destroy the stone by rolling it down the belfry: we’re in a long-ruined city. Bristol had been all illusion. We keep the two eladrin (mage and knight) captive; execute the others, though Dimplefoot isn’t pleased.

We pick up some refugees (other new arrivals who had been in Bristol), bring them back to VRL. We get back and Chuck is dead- he was a changeling, tried to escape/attack.


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