Joe playing Druskus (shifter).

1-2 days after ghost. Mordek has nightmares about being back in the crystal. In main hall, we find a black card on the table: five symbols, a V and things that represent each of us: white warhammer, copper sword, blue staff, green bow. Other side blank. Hey, Dr. Kappa made it for us. He thinks our group should have a name, his suggestions are terrible. He pays us (magic sword, money). He doesn’t let us bring newbies. New job: scouts noticed stuff in Dragonglass Glade, where weird activity is going on under armed guard. He suggests we avoid confrontation.

We head out. Dimplefoot scouts ahead, secretly polymorphs into deer. Druskus secretly follows Dimplefoot. We get there: see guards, tents, trees. Ot lures a guard off and ambushes/replaces him. Slaves are leg-shackled and bruised, beaten by guards, putting metal and silver things on the ground; starmetal alloy. Construction must be precise; no religious significance. Ot learns: overseers (people, not stardudes) in charge. Tent where they keep orders. Ceri climbs a tree for bird’s-eye view, the construction looks like a gibberish ritual circle. Lots of guards: 30+.

Ot sneaks into tent with orders. A few guards in here. Learns that more slaves being brought soon, guard changeover. He also takes all possible copies of the construction plans. Viskill and Ceri study it later: a weird ritual circle, for permanent effects or long-term effects.
We ambush returning guards after slave handoff. 2 dwarves (plate, chain), 2 elves (chain, double swords). Two die, one because of Ot’s coin-flip execution. 8 slaves: Ot gives them money. We go back to VRL, taking two captives with us (hooded & disoriented). Dr. Kappa wants us to attack.

We interrogate a dude. Overseers were just higher-rank guard. But after threats, he says they bribe guards, and there are meetings about the greater good- right about when we knock him out. Second captive: we try to get him to convert to our side. He says some people might see the light. He gives camp sketch: armor has 4 guards. Overseers (3, one mage) meet together at noon and 6; yet they all say that “magic is bad, need to change the way they do it.” 5 guards outside overseer tent.

Battle plan: 1) Our new friend (and Ot) go back and tries to turn some guards. 2) Main assault force goes in, joined by surprise guards; aim for armory tent. Can arm slaves, only their legs are shackled. 3) PCs make targeted strike to get keys from overseers. 4) We free slaves.

(Note: looks like one big slow star has landed; still at least 10.)

We come in and smite down one of them; the mage uses blood magic, his blood oozing out and congealing and forming into an Ochre Jelly. We had planned to get the keys and run, but they pin us down into a fight, and we end up smoking them. We bring the bloodmage’s head back to the war zone, and our side wins the overall battle wildly.


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