30th Starlight Festival

The 30th Starlight Festival was the most recent Starlight Festival as of this time. The master of ceremonies was chosen to be Morgan Relin, and it was to be his duty to host and give a speech in honor of the occasion.

The event began as past festivals tended to, with entertainment, competitions, games, and drinks. The merrymaking went on for some time before Relin’s speech began.

The speech started off normally, in praise of the stars and their beauty and power, and of the establishment of Velgard. But Relin’s words quickly took a strange tone, speaking about how the world was impure compared to these stars, and how everyone had forgotten their power. He lifted a strange scepter into the air, shouting that the populous would soon know the true power of the stars. The scepter flashed four times, and there was a brief pause.

Then, the stars began to fall from the sky. Panic and chaos gripped the streets, but within moments, things began to impact- strange creatures, and strange objects. The objects let out a shockwave, and all caught in it felt woozy. Then, many of the people in attendance changed drastically, their eyes becoming glazed, and they began attacking their fellows. The devices triggered a strange reaction in four individuals, who suddenly experienced illusory sensory input that seemed perfectly real.

Only a few people managed to escape from Twinfates, but they would find no solace in the world outside. All over, the Starspawn continued to descend…

30th Starlight Festival

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