Morgan Relin

The warlock who brought down the wrath of the Starspawn


Dressed in a pointy hat, robes, and with long silver hair and beard, Relin looks the very picture of a wizard. But on closer inspection, something seems off about him. He’s not nearly old enough for his hair to have gone grey. And in spite of his claims of being a wizard, no one had ever seen him do any magic. Sure, he’d take items and return them repaired or enchanted, but no one ever saw him do it. Many took him for a charlatan- albeit a skilled one who did some good for the city of Twinfates.

That is, until the night of the 30th Starlight Festival, when, as the master of ceremonies, he began to rant on stage about the impurity of the world. He called for purging fire from the stars, and, holding aloft a strange scepter, called down the Starspawn. It was then that he revealed his true nature- a Starpact Warlock, and one with dark designs for the world.

According to Doctor Kappa, Relin at one point came to him with some offer, saying something about the spirals causing problems for the universe. Kappa turned him down, and now seems to despise Relin.

Morgan Relin

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