Doctor Kappa

Founder of the Velgard Reclamation League


A mysterious middle aged man with a spiky mustache and a penchant for theatrics. Formerly a city official in the town of Felren, his current claim to fame is as the founder of the Velgard Reclamation League. As soon as the stars began to fell, he fled from his city using a secret escape route along with his assistant Bildin. Some say that he was prepared for the event. Even Bildin agrees that he is fairly paranoid.

Kappa is a man of dramatic gestures and many secrets. He mentioned memories of Five Warriors of justice who he once knew, and seems to have some history with Relin. He regards his name with distaste, but did not seem entirely forthcoming about why.

He recruited The Party to the VRL, after a sort of “application” that he claimed was to ascertain their skills.

Doctor Kappa

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