Invasion! Beings From Beyond the Stars!
The adventure begins

Ot rescues Cerianle from guards. This is the night of the Starlight Festival, here in Twinfates, capital of Velgard. Master of ceremonies of festival: Morgan Relin, a “wizard” in full costume of dubious skills. Dimplefoot wins an archery contest, people chitchat.

Goblin named Daigar rounds us up to go see Relin. Relin comes out, talks about history and stars, starts doomspeaking about how we’ve forgotten the power of the stars… and the stars start to fall. Glowing stars land: scaly things, or small metal objects; others slow to descend. Pulses of power, some people glaze over and start attacking each other, we all decide to flee. (Daigar falls and gets dragged off; Relin uses Star Pact magic.)

We reach the east gate: alien things, acid spitting. There’s a psychic-wave thing crashed nearby, damaged. We take a chunk of starmetal. We get out the gate; see some other refugees, but not many. Stars are still falling, slow ones descending, not just in the city. (Some stars do remain in the sky.) We travel to the next town: Iodale. Stars fell here too. We go to a campsite in the woods.

Dimplefoot scouts the city, the guards say it’s safe but are super-sketchy, they try to force him to come in, but he escapes. We go back to other refugees at campsite, a Halfling comes out: Bildin, claims to be from the Velgard Reclamation League. Marshy mountain, a hidden old unused dwarf cave. Other visitors there, they think Bildin’s boss (Dr. Kappa) is crazy. Maybe he was- Bildin says he’d been preparing for this, a little paranoid. Oh man, he’s an overdramatic weirdo. They’ll help us (refuge, equipment, sometimes backup) if we fight with them. Ok, cool. We have to fill out application forms, but only Viskill does it right.

Mission: claim a mine that’s been taken over by bandits. We give Dr. Kappa the chunk of starmetal. We tell him about the festival, he explains that Relin came to Dr. Kappa with an offer, complaining about “ the spirals” ruining everything, wanted Dr. Kappa’s assistance. (Viskill says that, when the stars fell, he got a message saying don’t stand with the spirals, they’ll bring ruin to the cosmos. Ceri says she thought it was like when her parents’ city fell. Dimplefoot says he heard screams, but didn’t understand it.) Kappa says we reminds him of “ five warriors of justice”, local heroes from his city, ~10 years ago, they vanished.

We get to cave. Dimplefoot finds spike trap. We go in, get the jump on 1 human and 4 goblins. (2 cutters died, the rest captives.) Loot: Leather armor *4, mace, dagger *4, shortsword *3 (1 of each weapon kept; armor left). Dimplefoot finds and disarms a trap. Then, he surprises a small humanoid: it’s a scaredy kobold. Wanwan is just here sneaking looking for food. We get him to watch our captives, in return we’ll bring him back to VRL. He tells us about future layout. We find hidden door with loot. Potion of healing, 100 gold, Robe of Contingency +1. We rope our way up into the inner chambers, then jump across a chasm. We find room with boss Roddy, and we knock them out. Loot: leather *2, hide *1, greataxe, handaxe *2, shortsword *2, hand crossbow w/15 bolts, Duelist’s Greatbow. We find a hidden route out past the chasm. WanWan is out there.


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